About US


Our Mission: Thread STL is a peer learning community that builds and sustains the skills and passion of partnership leaders.

Our Vision: We envision strong community partnerships building an equitable, just, and thriving St. Louis region.

Thread STL was created by and for community change makers. As a peer learning community, members share a commitment to community partnership as an expectation for sustainable, impactful community change, as well as a commitment to learning and development.

Guiding Principles

Authentic Community Voice:

No decision about us without us.

We are authentic when we put community at the center, working with, not for or on behalf of, our constituencies. This is rooted in mutual trust and relationships.


  • Within Thread, our community is primarily our members. We actively listen to our members and seek their input to determine our agenda and make key decisions. We create and model structures and processes that build member commitment and leadership.

  • We expect Thread members to put their community at the center of their own efforts, authentically listening to constituents.


Guiding Principles

Equity and Justice:

“Equity is the only acceptable goal.” ­– Paul Farmer

We acknowledge that the divisions in our region are rooted in social and economic injustice and structural racism.


  • Within Thread, we commit to promoting equity and justice within our structure, processes, and programs, seeking guidance from experts when it is needed and supporting our members through their own efforts to uphold this principle.

  • We expect Thread members to be deliberate about pursuing their understanding of, acknowledging, and actively addressing inequity within their own work.

Guiding Principles

Continuous Quality Improvement:

Learning never stops.

We further our impact when we use data and evidence to engage in continuous reflection, learning, and growth.


  • Within Thread, we seek to foster a culture of learning by providing methods and tools that are grounded in experience and evidence for members to use to  continuous learning.

  • We expect Thread members to commit to use data and evidence to aid their own development and honor opportunities for growth, learning, and collaboration.

Guiding Principles

Strength and Assets:

Everyone has something to offer.

We know that our members have many strengths and assets from which to build and are a source of learning and inspiration.


  • Within Thread, we seek to build on the strengths and assets of our members and create ways for them to share their best practices and celebrate their successes.

  • We expect Thread members to acknowledge and build upon the strengths and assets of their partners and constituencies, recognizing that everyone has something valuable to contribute.