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Contact Information

  • AddressThread STL
    c/o CIC@CET
    20 S. Sarah Street
    St. Louis, MO 63108
  • E-Mailinfo@threadstl.org


We’re defining “partnership” and "coalition" as any multi-sector group of stakeholders working to improve a population-level outcome. Examples include an association working at the neighborhood level to reduce crime, a team working regionally to improve graduation rates, or a partnership working to address lead abatement in one municipality. Participants often come from multiple sectors typically including faith, business, social service organizations, health, media, government, law enforcement, and education. These same multi-sector groups are sometimes also called alliances, or councils, as well as, partnerships and coalitions.

Become a member! See the Join page for more information and to become a member. If you have ideas of other ways you'd like to be involved, please drop us a note via the contact form or email address below.

At this time, we only have individual memberships, however, we do plan to add a discount to the general membership for organizations with multiple members. Stay tuned for more information.

Yes, we are just getting started. We plan to add a "members only" resource library and a newsletter. We thank you for your patience!

CIC@CET is a co-working space focused on innovation and is located in the CORTEX district. Thread STL is a key partner of a larger effort called the Social Innovation District (SID). Simply put, the SID is being launched to improve the capacity of the social sector in St. Louis and includes a focus on ensuring our region has effective community partnerships. The SID currently works out of CIC@CET and provides staff support and other resources for Thread STL.