Member Snapshot Blog

Member Name: Sarah Kennedy

Title: Manager, Epidemiology & Evaluation

Name of partnership, coalition, or collective impact initiative:
Generate Health – Organization
FLOURISH – Initiative

What is your effort trying to achieve?
Eliminate racial disparities in Infant Mortality by 2033.

What are some of your strongest beliefs that support the work you do or your approach to it?
Long term, strategic planning is very important. It is also important to accept that your long term plan will evolve and change over time. 

If there was one piece of advice you would give someone just starting out in a role similar to yours as a partnership/coalition facilitator, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to try. Embrace ambiguity and the unknown. Try new things and learn from them when they do not work as expected.

What are you most proud of about your work? Tell us about a small win or big achievement and why it matters.
Generate Health has been embracing partnerships and have been able to elevate the work both regionally and nationally. We have been working with Data Across Sectors for Health, a national organization, who has assisted FLOURISH in a project to engage funders and service providers to come to agreement on standard metrics which will allow shared measurement and the creation of a regional dataset. FLOURISH has partnered with the St. Louis Regional Data Alliance and Missouri Institute for Mental Health to build the data infrastructure necessary for this. We are now moving into our pilot phase and getting service providers connected into and utilizing the system.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
My husband and I have been traveling to see all the baseball stadiums. We have seen 18 out of 30 so far.

Which stadiums have been your favorite and why?

Outside of St. Louis, I really like Pittsburgh PNC Park because it sits right on river. This stadium has a great overlook of the downtown skyline and a fun atmosphere! My other choice would Miller Park in Milwaukee. I have a lot of friends in Milwaukee and they know how to throw a tailgate before the game which is something that does not happen in St. Louis. 

What’s the best way for other Thread STL members to contact you?

What’s the best way for other Thread STL members to learn more about your effort?
1. Generate Health Website:
2. FLOURISH Website: