The results are in! Over the last month, Thread staff has been collecting information from our members. To stay aligned with our guiding principles (community voice and continuous improvement, in particular) we want our programming to be member-driven, covering topics that are most relevant and useful for our members. We got a lot of rich information from those of you who responded (thank you!) that will help us plan to deliver programming in the coming year. Here’s what we heard…


We heard from 25 Thread STL members.

  • 52% of (13) members self-identified as “partnership staff”
  • 24% of (6) members self-identified as “partnership participants”
  • 24% of (6) members self-identified as “advocates/funders/supporters”

Those who responded to our survey represent a wide-range of organizations and partnerships in the St. Louis region:

Organizations (15):
-Brown School Evaluation Center
-Brown School of Social Work
-Community Builders Network
-East-West Gateway
-Foward Through Ferguson
-Generate Health
-Gladiator Consulting
-LUME Institute
-SLU School of Law
-Teen Pregnancy Prevention Partnership
-United Way of Greater St. Louis
-Vision for Children at Risk
Partnerships (17):
-Asset Mapping/Community Information Sharing Group (GoodMap)
-Community Engagement Action Group (CBN)
-East Side Aligned (United Way)
-Empower Missouri
-Equitable STL
-Five by Age Five
-FLOURISH STL (Generate Health)
-Project LAUNCH
-Promise Zone
-Ready by 21 (United Way)
-Regional Early Childhood Council

-St. Louis Child Abuse and Neglect Network (VCR)
-St. Louis Equity in Entrepreneurship Collective (BioSTL)
-St. Louis Rescue and Restore Coalition
-Substance Abuse Prevention Networks (NCADA)
-Teen Pregnancy Prevention Partnership


We asked you, our members, to let us know the topics/issues you’re interested in exploring together in 2018 based on your priorities and goals for the year. Here’s a high-level overview of what we heard from:

Partnership Staff

  • Racial equity – how do we know if we’re advancing?
  • Regional alignment – there’s a continued need understand the landscape of partnerships in the region, who’s advancing which outcomes, and how/where there are opportunities to reduce redundancies
  • Communication – improving communication between partnerships
  • Authentic community engagement and community leadership – how do we engage our communities authentically and how do we support emerging leaders in our communities?
  • Resource sharing – how can we continue to collaborate to share resources across organizations and partnerships?
  • Assessment – opportunities to assess ourselves, organizations, and partnerships to gain more clarity on professional development needs

Partnership Participants

  • Partnership member engagement – how do we keep sustain membership and participation in partnership efforts?
  • Accountability – increasing accountability among partnership members to support one another, individually, and the partnership, generally
  • Clarifying roles – identifying the various roles and responsibilities of individual members in a partnership

Partnership Advocates/Funders/Advocates

  • Who’s doing what? – a desire to better understand who is doing what and where in partnership/coalition space in the St. Louis region
  • Educate community – how do we communicate the good work of the partnerships and coalitions we support more effectively?
  • Racial equity – need to continue to elevate this as a priority outcome for the region
  • Impact measurement – how do we measure the impact of the coalitions and partnerships we support?
  • Deliberate coordination – need to do a better job coordinating backbone supports (communication, strategy, funding, etc)


We heard a lot from the folks who participated in the survey – thanks to all who shared their thoughts! We’ll continue to digest this information throughout the year and continue to listen to your thoughts, suggestions, comments, questions, concerns, and needs. We’re here to support the success of partnerships, their leaders, participants, and advocates.

Happy holidays! We hope you enjoy some time with friends and family in the next couple weeks, and we look forward to connecting, aligning, and learning with you in 2018.