Hello, friends – it’s been awhile since we saw you last.

Over the past four months, Thread staff and steering committee members have been hard at work clarifying Thread’s mission, guiding principles, and member statement. After several deep conversations and many modifications, these documents are ready to be shared with Thread members. You can find them here. We’re eager to hear your thoughts about them at our first Annual Meeting on April 26.

This process started at the end of last year. The steering committee wanted to ensure the mission, guiding principles, and overall structure were aligned with our vision to be a membership association for partnership and coalition leaders in St. Louis. While we could have formed this group in many other ways, the assumption is that a membership association structure lends itself well to elevating the voices of our primary constituents  and more deeply involves them in developing Thread’s programming and sense of community. These concepts are important to the steering committee and to our members. We’re still trying to figure out what it looks like to be member-driven and appreciate your grace and patience as we take the time to be thoughtful and try some things.

The Annual Meeting, which will be held on April 26, marks our first program of 2017. We will provide members, and others participating in community partnerships, an opportunity to hear more about Thread’s history, mission and guiding principles, share some feedback and ideas, and learn ways to become more involved in Thread.

To RSVP to Thread’s annual meeting, click here.

We invite you to share this post with friends and colleagues who are leading and engaged in partnership and coalition work. Thread is stronger with the voices and participation of a variety of partnership leaders and we need your help to build our table.